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What happens once I sign up?
Upon registering for the program you will have the option to instantly receive your Workbook via download or email. Included in the Workbook are step-by-step instructions guiding you through the information we need to customize your site. Upon receipt of your completed workbook(s), we will customize your site and contact you within ten (10) business days.

Although a Web Specialist creates the site, you still maintain complete control over ongoing edits, additions, and deletions. If you would like help maintaining your site, we can also provide that help through our optional Site Maintenance program. For details contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.

What do I get when I sign up for a Custom Design Services Package?
You get all of the following items:

  • A 5-page or 10-page professionally-designed Web site
  • Includes your text, images and company logo
  • Email marketing
  • Maps, weather, polls, visitor tally and other marketing content
  • Registration of your site with leading search engines
  • Commerce capability (optional)

You also have the option to sign up for ongoing Site Maintenance at any time.

How do I submit information to be included on my site?
Information is submitted via our Custom Design Services Workbooks sent to you at the time you register. Workbooks include step-by-step guidance to help you supply us with vital information to make your Web site a robust business avenue. Workbooks and accompanying images can be submitted to us in one of two ways:

Mail: Webforce-pro Biz Custom Design Services
11241 Willows Road
Suite 100, Building C
Redmond, WA 98052
Attn: Custom Design Services

Email: Support@vista.com

We do have the right to reject submissions.

Can you create more than 10 pages for my site?
Yes, through our Site Maintenance Program, we can build extra pages. For details contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119. Of course, you may also create additional pages and add them to your site on your own for no additional charge.

What if I don't have any custom pictures or images for my site?
If you don't have custom pictures or images for your site our Web Specialist will pick images best suited for your type of business from our image library. There is no additional cost to you for using the images.

Can you create a custom logo for my company that can be used on my site?
Yes. For an additional charge, the design team can create a custom logo for your business. For details contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.

How long does it take to build my site once you have my information? Do I get to review my Web site before the design team finalizes it?
Once we receive your completed Workbooks it takes up to ten (10) business days to complete your site. Your Web Specialist will notify you via e-mail when your site is ready to review. You will then have two (2) business days to review your site and notify us of any changes you want.

What kind of changes will the Web Specialist make to my site after I've reviewed the initial design?
Your Web Specialist will correct typographical errors, make grammatical revisions, and add information that you submitted when you reviewed the site. They cannot however completely redesign the site or add information supplied after the two-day response period.


Can my Web Specialist make changes for me on an ongoing basis?
If you'd like, your Web Specialist can make changes to your site for you on an ongoing basis for an additional charge. For details contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119. However, you can update the site yourself. All you need is a Web browser, an Internet connection, and access to the administrative section (Management Console) of your site. You do not need any special software or have to know any programming languages.

Do I have to use a Web Specialist to make changes to my site?
No, you can add pages, edit text, images, and add features at any time at no additional cost. You have complete control over your site. You don't need to know any programming languages. All you need is a Web browser, an Internet connection, and access to the administrative section of your site.


I lost my login information to access the Management Console of my site. How do I retrieve this information?
Contact support at Support@vista.com .


What credit cards do you accept?
MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Whom do I contact if I have a billing problem?
You may contact the billing department at Support@vista.com .

If I decide I don't want the Web address I signed up for, can I get a refund?
Web address (domain name) sign-up fees are not refundable. However, when your registration period expires after one year, you can choose not to renew the address.


When will a Web Specialist contact me?
Within ten (10) business days from receipt of your completed Workbooks.

What type of information can appear on my Web site?
The information that appears on your Web site is entirely up to you. Below are common types of information seen on business Web sites. Start with this list and add or delete information to create a site tailored to your unique business.

Web site Contact Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State
  • Postal code
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Directions (if you have a business people can visit)

Web site Company Information

  • Products, services, and specialties
  • Number of years in business
  • Number of employees
  • Location(s) or directions
  • Hours of operation & service area
  • Method of payment accepted
  • Brief biography of owner(s) and/or staff
  • Catalog Specials
  • Logos or pictures
  • Awards, memberships, affiliations, referrals

What will my Web site look like?
Based on the information you provide to your Web Specialist, we will design a site that complements your business. If your company has an existing logo or color palette we will be sure to incorporate them into your Web site. Some of the more time-consuming decisions can be made on your behalf. Of course, your input is strongly recommended.

How long will it take to design my Web site?
Ten (10) business days from the time we receive your completed Workbooks.

How much time do I have to review the final version of my Web site before it is published?
Once your site is completed, your Web Specialist will contact you to set up a time to review your site. After the review, you have two (2) business days to approve the site or submit changes. If you do not respond within two (2) business days the site will be published.


Can I add additional pages to my custom-designed Web site?
Your site will be pre-built with a set number of pages and features, based on the package you choose. Your Web site will support up to 56 pages. You can add more pages yourself or if you choose, you can have us add pages for you. More pages can be created for an additional fee. To order additional pages contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.

How can I purchase additional Web pages or Web design time?
Additional Web page design time is sold in 30-minute increments. For details contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.

Can I use my own domain name (www.joesshoestore.com) with your services?
Yes. We'll be glad to help you register a new domain name or transfer an existing one to your new Web site. Complete information can be found in the SiteStarter Workbook.

Will you submit my site to Search Engines?
Yes! An initial Search Engine submission is done for you with any of our Custom Design Packages . Your site will be automatically listed with these Search Engines: Hotbot, Google, MSN, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Lycos and Northern Light. You may also submit your site to the following Search Engines for a fee: Excite, Overture, FindWhat, Google AdWords and Inktome. The directories you may automatically submit to include Yahoo, LookSmart and Open Directory Project.

What about submitting my Web site to Yahoo?
Because Yahoo handpicks which Web sites they will publish in their directory, we cannot ensure placement on their site. Nevertheless, you can quickly and easily register your site with them by going to the Yahoo site and following the instructions.


What about Web Hosting?
Your Web site comes with reliable, secure web hosting, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So even while you sleep, your Web site will be working for you. There will be short periods of scheduled "down" time when the servers will be undergoing updates and maintenance. We will make every effort to schedule these during non-peak traffic times. You will be notified in advance via email of these planned updates. Additionally, as with any ISP (Internet Service Provider) we can experience random "down" time, however, our record-to-date for "up" time is competitive with the best available.

How will my site look different from others in my industry?
Each site is different based on content, logos, graphics and business "personality". All additional Web applications (e.g., chat, message boards, polls, events calendar, etc.) can be customized for you so your entire site is a professional extension of your business.

Who will program my site?
After deciding what you want your site to say and do - our Web Specialists will go to work to build a fully-functional site for your needs. When they are finished programming the site they turn it over to you - you need no technical knowledge to keep your Web site up and running. This is one of the key benefits of our solution - making changes and editing your site requires no HTML knowledge. If you do not want to maintain your site, for an additional fee, we can maintain it for you. For details regarding site maintenance contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.

What if my logo and graphics are in hardcopy?
You can send us your logo and graphics via email or in hardcopy - our Web Specialists are able to scan in hard copy materials. You can also take advantage of our royalty free image library. It's all up to you.

Which Custom Design Services Web Package is best for me?
Refer to the Custom Design section for complete package details or simply contact us at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119 and a Web Specialist will be happy to help you assess your needs and the packages available.

Have a question not answered here?
Contact us 6am-6pm PST, Monday through Friday at Support@vista.com or 425-558-9119.